Domain Flipping Guide – Buy and Sell For Profit

Domain flipping can be a great way to earn extra cash in your spare time.

There are lots of ways to make money online and in this domain flipping guide I will show you how you can make money from domain names.

What is Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is the term used for buying and selling domain names.

A domain name is like real estate on the internet, a place where a website can be found and some domain names can command huge prices.

Unfortunately the chances of finding one of the multi-million pound domains for sale for peanuts are low but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a profit flipping domains if you learn the tips and tricks of the business.

Getting Started

To get started in the domain flipping business you first have to find somewhere to buy a domain.

There are many domain brokers around and prices and offers can vary with each one.

Namecheap is a popular domain registrar. You can check out their website here. I also use Sedo to buy and sell domains.

You can search Sedo for available domain names in the search box below.

Buying a domain is very straight forward and your chosen registrar will have easy to follow forms to fill in to help with your purchase.

Finding A Profitable Domain

Finding a domain that you can flip for a profit is not easy, but it is possible if you do your research.

So what does a valuable domain name have that others don’t?

Let’s look a few things that will increase the value of a domain.

1.Keyword Domains

Domain names containing a keyword can sell very well and the value can be high if it is a popular and profitable keyword.

For example if you wanted a domain name for a Watch store you might want a domain with the word ‘Watch’ in it.  This sort of keyword can increase the value and the demand for your domain.

2.Memorable Domains

If a domain name is easy to remember it will be more popular, and with popularity comes PROFIT!

One word domain names are particularly valuable but can be hard to find at a good price and most words have already been registered so unless you manage to stumble upon an expired domain it could be difficult.

Another way of getting a one word domain is to change the spelling slightly.  Some examples of this are words like vypr instead of viper or hyke instead of hike.  Both of these words are memorable but the spelling gives you more chance of them being available.

3.Brandable Domains

Finding a domain that is brandable can also be profitable.

By brandable I mean a name that sounds like it could be a brand name of a Company.  This could be a single word like the examples in the previous section or a combination of words.

If it sounds like a brand then hopefully someone will be prepared to pay a premium to get it.

4.Short Domains

A domain that is short – either letters or numbers such as or can command large prices.

Basically the shorter and more memorable the domain name is, the more valuable it will be.

Finding Expired Domains

Expired domains can be valuable as they might have some traffic history which can help with search engine ranking.

You can sometimes find a bargain if a domain owner has forgot to renew a domain or has just not needed it anymore.

If a domain has previously had good quality traffic to it this can be a good selling point.

You can find expired domains at websites such as

Selling Your Domains

There are lots of online marketplaces to sell domains.

They can be sold for a fixed price or by auction and by selling through a reputable online marketplace you will have the security that the transaction will run smoothly and your money will be paid in a timely fashion.

The marketplace I use is Sedo. On this site you can find lots of resources to help with your domain sale.

You can also make money by parking your domains. This can also be done on websites such as Sedo.

Parking your domain with Sedo means that when someone clicks through to your domain name they will see advertising which Sedo (or whichever site you parked your domain with) has placed there. You will then receive a percentage of the advertising revenue.

This is a good option if you have any domains that haven’t sold or any that you are not planning to sell or use at the moment.

Take a look here for more information.

Most Valuable Domains

There are domains that can command millions of dollars and the most valuable sale prices are unbelievable.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most valuable domains of all time.

  1. – $90 million (2005)
  2.  – $49.7 million (2010)
  3. – $35.6 million (2010)
  4. – $35 million (2007)
  5. – $30.1 million (2012)
  6. – $18 million (2009)
  7. Insure.coom – $16 million (2009)
  8. – $13 million (2010)
  9. – $11 million (2001)
  10. – $9.9 million (2008)

As you can see, if you find the right domain name it can sell for life changing money but these prices are not typical so don’t think domain flipping will make you rich overnight.

Remember to start small and as with any investment, only spend what you can afford to lose as there is no guarantee of profit.

If you give it a go I hope you have great success.  If domain flipping isn’t for you check out the rest of this blog for more ideas to make money online.

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