Make Money Doing Nothing

Is it possible to make money doing nothing?

Well the answer to that question is… YES!

But that can’t really be true, or can it?

In this post I will show you how to make money without doing anything that you wouldn’t have done anyway.

This is not a get rich quick scheme and it won’t make you a millionaire or even a full time income.

What it will do is help you earn some extra money with no real effort.

I personally use this method to earn hundreds of pounds a year extra.

So how is this possible. Let’s take a look.

Getting Started

To make money doing nothing, first you have to do SOMETHING. But don’t panic, it is very simple and the best part is that it is FREE!

What you need to do is sign up for a free account at Quidco. You can sign up here.

All you need is your name and email address and create a password. The sign up screen looks like the image below.

Once you have signed up for your free Quidco account you can start earning money.

How You Earn Money

To earn money with this method you don’t have to do anything that you don’t do already. All you have to do is sign in to your Quidco account before you shop online.

Once you are signed in you can then search for whatever you were planning to buy online. If the company you were going to buy from is a Quidco retailer you will get a percentage of the amount spent back through your Quidco account.

The percentages offered vary depending on the retailer and sometimes it is a set cashback amount.

If you were going to buy this product or service anyway then you might as well get some money back on your purchase.

The cashback will usually track within 24 hours but can take a few months to actually be confirmed and be withdrawn.

How Much Can You Earn?

Like I said earlier this is not a get rich quick scheme or a way to make a full time income.

The amount each person earns from this will depend on each individual as everyone will use the site differently.

My earnings from this site is usually a few hundred pounds per year.

If you are someone who buys products and services online regularly, the amount earned can be significant.

Also the types of products and services you buy can have an effect on the amount of cashback you earn as every retailer will have different cashback and commission amounts.

Which Products and Services Pay The Most?

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the amount of commission or cashback will vary between each retailer and some types of products will pay more than others.

There are certain types of products and services that I purchase year after year that pay larger amounts and it is always good to find these, especially if you were going to buy them anyway.

Some of the best products and services to buy through Quidco are insurance type products, such as car insurance, car breakdown cover, house insurance etc.

These usually have good commission rates and are things you buy every year so it can add up to a good amount of money on a regular basis.

There are other insurance products… such as life insurance that you might only purchase once but can pay really high commissions, so it is worth looking out for these types of product.

Other high paying products are TV subscriptions, broadband and home phone services as well as gas and electricity suppliers.

Cashback is also available for using comparison websites. Most of the top comparison sites are on Quidco so always check if you are going to compare any products or services.

You will also find offers available each day that can pay extra commissions and can increase your earnings if you were planning on buying that product anyway. Below is an example of the offers page.

More Ways To Earn

As well as buying products through the Quidco website you can also get cashback on purchases through grocery stores. This is called Clicksnap and gives offers on grocery items.

The Clicksnap intro page is shown below.

You then go to the offers page to view the latest grocery offers and cashback amounts.

Below is an example of the Clicksnap offers page.

You can access this through the mobile app and all you need to do is purchase the item from the retailer and supply proof of purchase to Quidco. You will then get the cashback for the purchase.

More money can be made by referring your friends and family to Quidco. The referral amount changes every so often but is a good way to earn a little extra through the site.

Things To Consider When Using Quidco

There are a few things to consider before using Quidco.

As with most websites there are pros and cons to take into account. Lets take a look at some of them.


  • Cashback available on things you often buy
  • Easy to earn money without much effort
  • Great choice of retailers


  • Can take a long time to get paid
  • Some retailers have strict terms and conditions that can stop cashback.


This is a good website to earn a little extra cash while buying things that you would have purchased anyway.

It is worth signing up and checking whether the product or service you want to purchase is on the site and what cashback is available.

If you sign up through any of the Quidco links on this page you will receive a £10 bonus when you start earning cashback.

If you enjoyed this post please check out the rest of the blog for more ways to earn money in your spare time.

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