Make Money From Your Trash

We all throw away tons of waste every single day but did you know you can make money from your trash?

Well unbelievably you can. In this post I will show you what sort of ‘trash’ you can sell and the best places to sell it.

Can You Really Make Money From Your Trash?

I know what you are thinking. Surely you can’t actually make money from your trash. Keep reading and prepare to be amazed by what you can sell.

Items that you and I throw away are not always useless and just because you might not want something it doesn’t mean someone else won’t want it.

Some of the trash you can sell might only be worth a small amount and other things may be worth more but whatever you can get for it is profit as you were going to throw it out.

What Trash Can You Sell

What we call trash can come in many different forms and not everything we throw away can be sold. The key is knowing what we can sell and what we can’t so let’s take a look at some examples of what trash we can make money from.


Almost everything we buy has some sort of packaging on it but did you know you can make money from certain types of packaging?

How you sell these items and the money you can make depends on the type of packaging so for each type I will tell you the best places to sell and the amount you can expect to earn from them.

Below you will see the types of packaging you can make money from.

Aluminium Cans

Aluminium cans are readily available and either thrown out or put out in your home recycling bin.

What you might not know is that you can make money for these cans.

There are many recycling companies around that will pay you for your aluminium cans. Each country will probably vary in price but here in the U.K. where I am you will get around 40-50p per kg.

All you need to do is save them up and once you have enough just take them to your local recycling centre and weigh them in.

Empty Boxes

We get lots of products in boxes and they are quite often just thrown out but some of these can be sold and some can fetch much more than you think.

Any boxes for electronics such as iPhone and Playstation boxes can command high prices and can be sold on websites such as eBay.

An iPhone box can sell for between £2 – £12 on average depending on which model of iPhone the box is for.

A Playstation box can go for over £20 so not too bad for something you may be throwing out.

The image below shows some examples of eBay listings for iPhone boxes.

Empty Perfume Bottles

This is something I have sold myself on eBay. Some empty perfume bottles can be quite sought after and be reasonably valuable and it is surprising at what you can make from them.

The famous designer brands sell the best especially if there is a limited edition bottle.

Empty perfume bottles sell for anything from £1-£10+ depending on the type and brand.

Empty Jam Jars

Like perfume bottles, jam jars can also be sold. They are bought by people who make their own jam and preserves and sell very well.

Empty jam jars are usually better when sold in bulk so you might have to save them up for a while.

I’ve seen them sold in various amounts but are usually sold between 5-24 items at a time. On eBay you can expect to receive from around 20p-£1 per jar so if you sell 10-20 jars at a time you could be getting up to £20 for them.

I bet your now working out how much money you have thrown in the recycling bin over the past year!

The eBay image below shows how popular they are.

Toilet Roll Tubes

How many toilet roll tubes do you throw out every week? Did you know you can sell them too?

Toilet roll tubes are bought in bulk by people who like making craft items. They will usually sell for around 5-10p per roll.

These can be sold in any amount but it is worth collecting a decent amount before you list them for sale. I would suggest 50 at a time.

Again eBay is the best place to list them.

Used Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

Here is another common item that you will throw out regularly. The plastic top of your milk bottles are also bought for arts and crafts.

Plastic milk bottle tops need to be sold in bulk and will fetch a few pence each so you will need a lot for it to be worthwhile.

If you drink a lot of milk it could make you a little extra cash.

Used Wine Corks

Do you like a nice bottle of wine now and again? If so this one is for you. This is another craft item that sells quite well on eBay. People use them for arts and crafts and wedding decorations etc.

Usually sold in 50-100 units, and you can expect £5-10 per 100.

Used Ink Cartridges

Selling used ink cartridges is something I do regularly. I always sell my cartridges on eBay or through recycling websites such as Printer Cartridge Recycling or The Recycling Factory.

The price you can get for used ink cartridges depends on the brand and model of the cartridge. You can expect to get between £1-£2 each.

Other Ways To Make Money From Your Trash

Selling your trash is not the only way to earn from the things you throw away. There are ways to get rewarded for these things.

Get Paid For Your Receipts

There are websites and apps that will pay you to scan your shopping receipts. One that I use is called Receipt Hog.

This app offers points for each receipt scanned as well as other ways to pick up points.

Your points can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

New sign ups to this app are limited. Acceptance will depend on whether you meet their target audience when you sign up.

If you aren’t successful in being accepted for this app you will find other similar apps in your app store.

Is It Worth It?

Now you know a few ways to make money from your trash we need to decide if it is actually worth it.

Whether it is worth it to you will depend on your own preferences and circumstances.

You won’t get rich from selling these items, but you will make a little extra cash.

Another reason that you may find this rewarding is the fact that you recycling some of these items. These items would otherwise go to landfill. This is also harmful to the environment.

Why not give it a go and make money from your trash today.

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