Making Money Online – How I started

I’ve been making money online in my spare time since 2006. In that time I have tried many different things. Some have been successful and some have failed miserably but whatever the outcome I have continued to learn and improve my methods.

Times change and you will find that some ways to make money online might work for a short while, but then stop working. While other methods continue to work for the long term.

The first method I used to make money online is one that I still use today and is probably the easiest way to start making extra cash in your spare time.

The good news is it is also free to get started.

Let’s take a look at my journey.

How I started

After moving in to a new house in 2005 I decided to look at ways to make some extra cash in my spare time.

It took me a while to decide how I was going to do this, but I knew the answer lay on the internet. The online World was growing and new opportunities were waiting to be found.

Eventually, early in 2006 I made my decision and took my first steps to make money online.

My decision was made easier by my recent house move and the realization that I had a lot of stuff that I no longer needed.

With this in mind I started looking on the internet for ways to sell these unwanted items. This search led me to a website that is now a household name and one that I have continued to use to this day.

That website is Ebay.

I’m sure you have heard of and probably used Ebay to either buy or sell products. This is by far the easiest way to make extra cash.

Simply list your unwanted items and wait for them to sell.

My First Online Cash

As I said, this is where I started. I remember listing my first item. It was an old PC game that I no longer used. This was going to be my trial run at listing an item on Ebay.

After I had signed up for an Ebay account I started to list the item. I wrote a description and took some photographs and within a few minutes my first Ebay listing was live.

I listed it on a 7 day auction and over the course of the week I frequently checked to see if there were any bids on my item.

Once the 7 days were up my item had sold. I don’t remember the exact price but it was only a few pounds. The amount didn’t really matter. There was more to this sale than the amount of money. This was my first time making money online and it started my online journey.

From that moment I was hooked and the online World has fascinated me ever since.

What Happened Next

After continuing to sell on Ebay I then started looking at selling on Amazon.

This was an easy next step as it followed similar rules to Ebay and I quickly found there were certain products that sold for much more money on Amazon.

My knowledge of Ebay and Amazon steadily grew and I was always looking online for more ways to make money.

You can sign up to Ebay for free here.

Get a free Amazon account here.

The next way to make some extra cash that I looked at was online surveys. This method was just starting to become popular at that time and after trying lots of different websites I found a few survey sites that actually worked.

Surveys were never going to make me rich but I was able to make a little extra cash in my spare time.

Some of these sites also pay you to watch videos and click offers.

An example of one of the sites I use can be found here.

Although I made some money with all of these methods I was still looking to increase my skills and knowledge of the online World.

So I came up with a plan.

Increasing My Skills

What could I do to increase my online skills?

How could I use these skills to make money?

These were questions I was asking myself and I soon realised there was one thing I had to do.

Learn to build websites.

There was one problem with this… my knowledge of building websites was absolutely zero!

I started looking around the internet for information about web design. By doing this I found a few free online tools to get me started.

The first web sites I designed were terrible but I was proud of them at the time.

As time went on I started to find new ways to build websites, using tools like Weebly for example.

My knowledge started to improve and eventually I realised I needed to take my skills to a new level if I was going to build websites that were capable of generating income.

It also meant leaving behind the free tools that were available and make an investment. This next step was to learn how to use WordPress.

Although WordPress is free, you do need a domain name and web hosting. These things are a very small cost, but it still seemed like a gamble as I had never used WordPress and didn’t know if I would have enough ability to learn it.

This was a step I had to take and I made my investment. I bought the cheapest web hosting I could find, which wasn’t the best way to choose but it did the job while I was learning.

Looking for great Web Hosting?

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I then purchased a domain name and started learning about WordPress.

To my amazement I found that I was able to do much more with a WordPress website. The quality I was able to produce was a million times better than before.

Over the past 5 years or so I have built many websites and found different ways to make money with my WordPress knowledge.

What Next?

So what comes next in my quest to make extra cash?

Well one thing is for sure, WordPress will feature heavily. This blog is one example of what you can do with WordPress and blogging is something I enjoy and want to do more of going forward.

I will continue to look for new ways to make money in my spare time and I will use this blog to share them with you.

The results I get with any of the methods I try will also be shared with you. This will give you some real life examples of what is realistically achievable.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and find some inspiration to try some of these methods for yourself.

Good luck with your search and I’m sure you can soon start making a second income in your spare time.

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