Which Is The Best Online Free Lottery?

Which is the best online free lottery? Well that probably depends where you live but in this post I am going to show you how you can enter free lottery draws every day.

Which is the best online free lottery?

The best online free lottery in my opinion is PickMyPostcode. As I have already mentioned this lottery is totally free to play and gives you multiple chances to win a prize.

Can anyone sign up?

To be eligible for PickMyPostcode you must be 18 or over and and a U.K. resident with a postcode.

If you meet this criteria you can fill in your details on the site and then confirm your email to activate your account. You are then immediately in the draw.

Join the best online free lottery

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What Can I Win?

As this is a free lottery you won’t win millions but if it’s free what have you got to lose? The main draw has a jackpot of around £200 but there are other smaller prizes giving you more chances to win.

You can also get cash just for checking the results each day. This cash is only a few pence but if you check every day it will add up.

In total there is over £600 in prizes to be won each day.

How can they give away free money?

The reason they can give away free money is by having advertising on the website. As you have to log onto the website each day to see if you are a winner, this produces a lot of traffic to the site and generates an income which can then be given in prizes.

Is it worth my time?

Whether or not it is worth spending time logging in each depends on your personal point of view.

It only takes a few seconds to log on and check and if you are a winner then it’s happy days. If you haven’t won at least you have given yourself a chance by signing up and logging in.

If you like the sound of a free lottery you can find out the full details and sign up here.

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I hope you enjoy playing this online free lottery.

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